Parent Technology Training

Cyber Parenting 101

This incredible 8 hour program sources knowledge and insight from career cyber-crimes detectives and delivers proven, real-world best practices that have been used to instruct Law Enforcement, Schools, Parents and Children nationwide. This class is segmented into convenient 10 to 20 minute videos, quizzes and offline activities that allow you the freedom to learn on your time. This innovative course provides you with eye-opening information, tools and resources to protect your child and help guide them away from the dangers inherent with today's digital age.

Parents enrolled in this training have 60 DAYS TO COMPLETE THIS COURSE.

Start today and command a powerful awareness of your child's daily interaction with technology. Join us and receive the training to guide and protect them from making dangerous choices on their devices.
  • Introduction to Cyber Safety
  • Welcome to Cyber Parenting 101
  • Video #1 Presentation
  • Quiz #1: Basic Technology Rules
  • Video #2 Presentation
  • Quiz #2: The Technology Talk
  • Video #3 Presentation
  • Quiz #3: Having Vaults and Fake Accounts
  • Video #4 Presentation
  • Quiz #4: Cyber Investigations and Internet Laws
  • Video #5 Presentation
  • Quiz #5: Teen Dating and Online Relationships
  • Video #6 Presentation
  • Quiz #6: Sextortion
  • Video #7 Presentation
  • Quiz #7: Making a Police Report
  • Video #8 Presentation
  • Quiz #8: Gaming Online
  • Video #9 Presentation
  • Quiz #9: My Child’s Cell Phone and Drug Use
  • Video #10 Presentation
  • Video #10 What does drug paraphernalia look like?
  • Video #11 Presentation
  • Quiz #11: Asking My Son/Daughter to Take A Drug Test
  • Video #12 Presentation
  • Quiz #12: Monitoring My Teens Cell Phones and Computers
  • Video #13 Presentation
  • Having The Technology Talk with your Child
  • Cyber Parenting 101 Certification Test
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever